The Wedding!

I's Married Now. Did you hear me? I's Married Now!

Yay! I am a Mrs. now! Yesterday was just as terrible/wonderful as I expected, so there were no surprises! Well there was one but I'll get to that later. Here's how the day went in my eyes.

Got up at about 7:30ish. And farted around the house for a bit.Woke up Prava and told him to get in the shower. Luckily I showered the night before because I knew! I wouldn't have time. Put a movie on for Damien to keep him out of my hair, made sure we didn't miss anything the night before that needed to be in the car and started finishing up on my paper flowers.

Around 8 is when D'Antonio came over and he helped with the flowers. He's great he really helped me giggle that morning and I REALLY needed that. So, I call the Best Man (Worst Man) to see where he is, and well, no answer. Apparently he was out drinking all night so I was in a panic. I texted my wedding planner telling her I doubted he'd be there at 11 since no one could get in touch with him. She then called my mother who called Prava and they took away my cell phone :( I was not allowed to be stressed so I was not allowed to have my phone and IMHO it caused more stress. My bridesmaid, Aimee, got to my house around 9 with breakfast (I love her) and the cake. She helped me get the kids dressed so we could bolt out the door.

I left the house around 9:30 to go get the junoir bride, then remembered that I forgot my earrings, but I couldn't call to tell anyone (hense why no cell phone caused more stress) So, with all the kids in tow I had to turn around and go get my earrings! Got to my moms house and my bridesmaids were not there yet, so I drove to the club house to see if they were there dropping off the cake... nope. I think they just drove REALLY slowly since they had an 85 lb cake in the car!!Chris went to his brothers house to bring him along, and he wasn't home. Apparently they spent the night somewhere else.

So they get to my moms and I start on Jr Brides hair, get it finished and at that point we all had to go to the club house for one last run thru. Well we wait, and we wait, and we wait. The officiant didn't get there until 11:30 (planner told us 11 so we'd all be there on time). Well, the Worst Man didn't show. We do the walk thru any way. At that point I was a wreck because EVERYTHING was running way too far behind. My friend Beau met us at the venue to help if needed. (my friends are AMAZING)

Get to my mom's house at 12:15 and the hair and makeup team were still 15mins out. UGH! So i say screw it, and I help Aimee get into her gown (her hair and makeup were done at 8!, again I  LOVE her) And by then the hair and makeup team are there. Robert is doing Prava's makeup (hes a MAC artist) My hair and makeup are under way while Aimee gets Monkey dressed. UGH! 1 O'clock, 1:30, 1:45, DAMNIT! The photographer was at the venue by 12:45.... I was supposed to be there at 1! So I get there at 2 and ceremony is supposed to start at 2:30, at this point is where things get hazey, and I enter my "Bride Bubble".

I told myself I wasn't going to cry, but the second we drover by Chris, my eyes started welling. I fought those tears back but I then got out of the car, his mom walked up to me, gave me a hug and told me I was beautiful. WATER WORKS! Thank you for water proof eye makeup! We did the group photos on the bridge, and then just me and Chris. I was on cloud 9, didn't see anymore really. We had the moment I really wanted, standing there on the bridge, just looking into eachothers eyes.

Ceremony was perfect. all 20 mins of it lol! Short, sweet and to the point. China Doll thought it was beautiful too. My daddy handed me to Chris. We held hands the entire ceremony. I was fine, until it was time for me to say my vows, I started with a few tears, then cracked voice! I couldn't wait to kiss him! We jumped the broom and then did a German tradition of sawing the log, it symbolizes working together as a couple. Then we took the rest of the group shots, and honestly I can't remember who I did and didn't take pictures with, I was in my bubble still.

The reception was great, started rocky with my mom and Chris's brother (the Worst Man) getting into a fight in front of all the guests. ACK! But we did the toasts first, my "brother" Moose said such beautiful words reminded Chris that he found a truely unique woman and wished us luck. I then toasted to my friends, family, and Chris, and yes, I cried then too! The 1st dance was great, we had a quiet moment to ourselves, and then Monkey ran over wrapped his arms around each of our legs and danced with us. Then China Doll came over, he held her close, and with Monkey at my side, we danced as a full offical family. Ack! Tearing up now thinking about it!

My father daughter dance, was better then I expected, Dad chose "Happy People" by R. Kelly. I got to celebrate with the my dad, I've always wanted to feel like he was proud of me, and at the moment in time, with my dad, stepping, and spinning me on the dance floor was OUR moment. Then China Doll ran up to him threw her arms in the air, Monkey ran to me and all 4 of us boogied. Chris and his mom danced to "The Dance" by Garth Brooks, and it was beautiful.

My cake was AMAZING! Hats off to my wonderful Boss (and Aimees Mom) who made the most beautiful cake! It was delicious too! All in all, with its ups and downs, we had a beatiful family filled love filled day. And here I am at work, (Gotta keep on trucking lol) Chris is at home with back pains, I'm exhausted, but can't stop glowing!

Yesterday on Nov 14, 2010, I married My best friend, the one I laugh with, live for dream with, love.

Monday November 15, 2010 I've been married for 1 day!! Here are a couple of photos from a friends camera phone

Today is November 11, 2010. I am getting married in 3 freaking days!

I fianlly get the show Bridzillas! I've always watched the show and have been very proud that I wasn't one of THOSE BRIDES But this week, there has been ALOT of tears, ALOT of stress, and ALOT of arguing.And I've stressed myself to the point of being very sick and almost having to go to the hospital due to seveare dehydration. In the end I have to remind myself that on the day of if things happen that shouldn't have so be it, because I will finally be MRS. FUR!

Oh and Here is the run down of the Ceremony( told you I'd get you more details)

A wedding is the celebration of the miracle of love.  Christopher and Nicole, today, in the presence of God, we celebrate this miracle in your lives.

Here are some wonderful words that define the true meaning of love.

Love is patient and kind; Love is not jealous or boastful;
Love is not arrogant or rude; Love does not insist on its own way;
Love does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices with the right.
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never fails.

Learning to love each other and to live together in harmony is one of the greatest challenges of marriage. Marriage is not to be entered into lightly, and we are to hold it in high honor at all times.

Chris and Nicole I charge you both as you stand in the presence of God, to remember that love, trust, and loyalty are the foundation of a happy and enduring marriage. No vows are more sacred than those you are about to make. If these vows are kept unbroken your lives together will be full of joy and love.   
Please join hands and look into each other's eyes.

Do you Chris take this woman, to live together in marriage; will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in health and in sickness, in prosperity and in adversity; and forsaking all others, be faithful to her, so long as you shall live?

Groom: "I do."

Do you Nicole take this man, to live together in marriage; will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in health and in sickness, in prosperity and in adversity; and forsaking all others, be faithful to him, so long as you shall live?

Bride: "I do"

May I have the rings please?

Explanation of the Rings:

Each of you is about to present a ring to the other. The wedding ring, a complete circle, is a symbol of the completeness a husband and wife find in a marriage relationship. The ring has no beginning and no end, just as true love is never-ending. The ring also is made of precious metals and precious gems, just as true love is a precious treasure. As you place the wedding ring on each other’s hand may it remind you of the endless love you possess for one another.

Chris as you place this ring on Nicole's finger, repeat these words after me:
This ring, a gift for you, / symbolizes my desire / that you be my wife / from this day forward./As this ring has no end / neither shall my love for you.

Nicole, as you place this ring on Chris's finger, repeat these words after me:
This ring, a gift for you, / symbolizes my desire / that you be my husband / from this day forward. /As this ring has no end / neither shall my love for you.

Sand Ceremony
OFFICIANT: Please note this empty glass. Glass, itself, is made from sand and the sands of time have come together, melting into one piece to make this vessel. The sands of time should remind us all of our eternal love and our mortality. Today Nicole and Chris have chosen to represent their love to each other and their children in a special sand ceremony. Please Nicole, Chris, Damien and Natalie take your separate glass of sand and alternate the pouring of sand into this joining vessel.

Closing Remarks:
As you continue on your journey together, I ask you to remember this advice:

The key to love is understanding ...
as it is the little things that say so much by themselves.

The key to love is forgiving ....
to accept each others faults and pardon mistakes,

The key to love is sharing ...
Sharing your good fortunes as well as bad, together.

The key to love is giving ...
Giving without thought of return,
but with the hope of just a simple smile,
and by giving in but never giving up.

Christopher and Nicole, you have committed yourselves to each other in marriage by the exchanging of vows, and by the giving of rings.  With the authority vested in me by the state of Georgia, and with great joy, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss your Bride.
I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher ******

Jumping of the Broom
We end this ceremony with the African American tradition of jumping of the broom. As our bride and groom jump the broom, they physically and spiritually cross the threshold into the land of matrimony. Traditionally, jumping the broom was also a means of sweeping away all negative energy, making way for all things that are good to come into your lives.
It is also a call of support for the marriage from the entire community of family and friends. In honoring the ritual, Nicole and Chris issue a hope and a prayer of sweeping away any hatred or prejudice between people of different colors, beliefs or traditions. The bride and groom will now begin their new life together with a clean sweep!

(One of the attendants then hands the broom to the groom, who makes sweeping gestures to eliminate any negative energies. The groom then hands the broom to the bride, who places it on the ground in their path)

OFFICIANT: Everyone count 1, 2, 3... Jump! Together! 1, 2, 3... Jump

Some of the wedding Details.

My Invite... Chris did a wonderful job of helping pick this!

The cake I love love love, my boss is actually making this for me as a wedding gift!
Flowers By Heather.. this is very close to what we're doing

The Bridemaid gown... They are Jade green but this is the dress

Drum Roll please!!! MY DRESS!!!

Thanks tune in later for more deatils about the wedding, this is all I had on my work computer... lol...