Friday, December 10, 2010

Hot Button Topics In the Adoption World Series

I was recently on the forums and a 1st Mom dear to my heart was very upset about a fellow blogger and adoptive mother's post.

Me being the nosy person I am, OF COURSE I have to read this thread that has been closed for some reason I have to find out.

Well, I found the blog post she was speaking of, and at first I have to admit I was pissed! I mean pissed.
But it got me thinking, it was thought provoking, which I like, I mean look I finally have an adoption related topic to post about! Stay with me...

But in all fairness to the Blogger who was put on the spot, she is intitalled to her own opinion. And I HIGHLY doubt that the 1st mom who got upset was anywhere near the bloggers mind when she wrote this post.
Personally I don't know anything about the Bloggers adoption journey, her childrens birthmom could be just what she described in her post. And I know there are people out there that have made an adoption plan because it was just too late to abort. Which is saddening, but it's also their right, and honestly, good for them, because no child shuld be in a home where they aren't wanted

I would almost like to say what kind of birthmothers are out there. And in the same sense I can say what kind of adoptive mothers are out there. But then again, what kind of mothers are out there is the right question to ask

There are mothers from all walks of life, all coming from different situations, and all making different choices, because it's their life.

So, I guess what I'm getting at, is that

In the adoption world, there are alot of sensitive topics.

I'm going to start a bit of a Series of Hot Button Topics/Issues in the Adoption World, Follow if you dare.

feel free to request some things you'd like me to cover,

The series is basically to provoke thought, and NOT attack any side of the triad.

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