Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Foster- Adopt

Fostering a child is purely a selfless act, if you are fostering for the pure reason to help all of these children in need.

So people have added to their families through fostering, which I think is amazing, one of my dear online friends became a mother through fostering. 

But there is one thing that has always bothered me.

The families that enter fostering with Only the intention to adopt, won't take any placements that don't look like adoption is an option, then close their homes once the "mission is completed".

As a teen I wanted to be a foster parent, in my very early 20s (yes I know I'm only 26) I still had this idea in mind, but I realize, I don't have the patience for that. I am not strong enough to watch what these foster parents have to see and hear from these children.

There are soooo many children that just need someone to advocate for them, but it saddens me to know that children are being passed along, because they aren't available for adoption. They need a home throughout the process for their parents trying to get their act together, and yes I know some won't.

To me (and this is just my opinion) fostering is about reunification, its about providing love and stability, its about giving the children a chance to heal as their parents work their plan and better their lives for their children's sake. Sadly, a lot of parents don't work their plans and the child then has to deal with TPR and not having parents, but being a ward of the state.

Although it may bother me that some people may only foster care to children that they can adopt, I get it, a domestic adoption is expensive, and those willing to take on older children and sibling groups, I applaud you, because most children affected by foster care do not go unharmed, they have been removed from their parents, most likely neglected in some form or fashion and even abused.

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