Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hot Button Topics (HBT) Series: Volume 1: A-Parents VS B-Parents

Before really diving into the world of adoption. I had this jaded view of how things worked.
"A loving mother who just can't support her child, decides to make an adoption plan.?
Wouldn't that just be sugar dust and fairies if all adoptions were open, and all adoptees knew their info. But can't a girl dream?

Anyways, back to the topic

Keep in mind this series is about Hot Button Topics, they are not meant to offend ANYONE! Just things I have noticed since emmersing myself into the adoption world that seem to push buttons.

A-Parents VS B-Parents

I've noticed a distrubing divide between these two groups and sadly, adoptees are  kind of stuck in the middle to choose sides. I can't completly understand this divide only because I myself am a bit of an outsider( neither being an Aparent nor a Bparent.

What bugs me about this, is the fact that there is even a divide about this issue, yes emotions are running high, but can we not just be civil and acknowledge eachothers feelings and emotions with empathy and care? We are all humans, and certain things push certain buttons, but I feel that we couldn't act in the split second, take a breath, and think about something before you say it. I may only be 24, but I've had to learn to do this, otherwise my mother and I would have scratched eachothers eyes out by now!

In a way both groups (not always but there are a few individuals) paint eachother as "the bad guy".
Any neither group is innocent when it comes to this because it's gone both ways on several different occasions.

Sadly with all of the head butting, it seems to be a bit of a step back in the works towards adoption reform,

How are we going to move forward with adoptee rights, bparent rights and aparent rights when we can't just agree to disagree?

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