Monday, December 13, 2010


My little China Doll, is no longer a baby, this saddens me!

So the other night I noticed she was trying to climb out of her crib during her late night diaper change.
"OH NO!" was the thought that came to mind.
Monkey NEVER even tried, he was so timid, he's just now getting over the fear of heights.
With him, he HATED the toddler bed, because mommy couldn't climb into the bed with him, luckily, since i was still living with my parents, there was a twin bed in his room, so I would lie with him in the bed unil he fell asleep, and he wouldn't get out of his bed in the morning, just call for me.
The big boy bed didn't really start until Chris and I started dating, Chris really wanted the both of us to spend the night, I explained he was still in the crib, but Chris just really wanted for US to spend the night, not me, but Monkey and I had to come together (heart melting).  So Monkey started sleeping in the guest room, I would lay with him until he was asleep, sometimes I would fall asleep with him and Chris would come in the room and wake me up, sometimes he would just let me sleep, come give us both a kiss and make sure we were nice and warm... (I knew I loved him for a reason)

anyway, back to Miss China Doll prissy pants lol

So, the next night after she tries to climb out, I'm washing the dishes in the kitchen and she begins to cry, I check on her, and she complains about being wet, so I take her to the bathroom (we're potty training) and she goes and is all excited, I put her back in her crib and check her cup, she's out of water. So, I go to the kitchen to refill her cup with some cold water (her room is ALWAYS scorching) and I her **THUD** I yell an obscene word and run to her room, Chris close behind me, There she is mid scream flat on her back eyes the size of half dollars, on the floor.
She climbed out of her crib and landed flat on her back. I grab her and rock her as she says "Mommy?" "Yes, baby?" "I hurt! Fall down! Ow! Kiss it!"

Needless to say, she hasn't yet dared to try it again, so the toddler bed has been put on hold, but my baby is growing up too fast!

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