Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Judgment day......

I hate being judged by people on such an unhealthy level that I won't even sing in front of my husband. I mean, I'll sing in the car, but that's me goofing off and NEVER hitting the proper notes and as for my pitch well, the neighborhood animals don't seem to like it much.

Now I will not say that I can't sing, because I know that I can, and that I'm good, but I will not sing in fear of someone judging me. I get embarrassed by positive feedback and I burst in to tears don't take negative critics well.

But what do you do, when someone tells a family member personal information about you, that causes a backlash with your in-laws. Lets use sexual preference or religion as examples because those seem to be the major things that most people in the world judge.

For example, someone who is gay may be open to their closest friends and maybe a few family members, but what if they have parents who are not fond a gays, they most likely wouldn't be open correct? So then would it be someone Else's right to tell their family "oh well so and so is gay"? no, that is their personal business to discuss.

and lets talk about religion, I'll talk personally about my experiences with this. I identify as Agnostic, only because I have had many moments in my life where I have questioned my faith. So I believe there could be a higher power, I do not feel that I have the right to give it a name, but I can also identify with different aspects of different religions. This by NO MEANS, means that I worship the devil.  But when you live in the bible belt, some people just assume you do if you don't out right answer yes i'm a christian. So, my in-laws life to whisper and it makes me crazy! I love them, but my relationship with God is my business. My children pray before dinner, and they say their prayers before bed, but I still have questions about my own faith that only I can work through.

so why do people feel the need to judge all the time? I'm honestly wanting to pack up and move away and never look back


  1. dang heathen ;) that sucks....big time. Breathe and know that you are the only one that can control your life....forget the others and come find me if you need help beating I mean ahem talking some sense into people.

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