Friday, October 15, 2010

A 1st Mom in Every Face...

Sorry I took a little break, with 31 days until the wedding I've been super busy.

But I was reading an adoption blog and post kinda made me think. I myself, Scan....

Which to me logically makes no sense, "Why would you do that?" "As far as you know she's still in Virginia"

It makes me feel desperate. And a little pathetic. I don't know, I think i'm having such a hard time right now because my dream wedding with nothing huge

my dream wedding was having MY family there, and I mean ALL of my family

I always invisioned going to my Mom for her wisdom, her guidence,
I always dreamed about clinging to my Daddy, feeling like he was actually proud of me for once,

and then SHE would be there... my 1st Mom... she would be beaming with pride, knowing that there was no longer a need to worry about weather she made that right decision or not,

I have always invisioned all of us, my family that i've grown up with that have been my biggest fans, the family I never met but share a piece of my heart with and my new husbands family. Coming together as one...

okay, i can't right now, sorry, maybe when I can get it together I'll post more.

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