Friday, October 8, 2010

What colors Make a Family?

Long Winded Again Sorry!
 "Mommy No One at School has Skin Like Mine"
My dear Monkey said this to me earlier this week, when we were discussing him having problems in Pre-k.

Now, I could maybe take this as an excuse, lets say if he were the only “white” child in the class, or maybe the only “black” child in the class. And all of his family was one or
the other…

But you have to understand the My Monkey has a VERY diverse family!

Once you see what I see on a daily, and what my Monkey has grown up with, I just asked him "Well baby, is anyone in our house or family the same color?"

his response "No mommy, I'm orange, your yellow, China Doll is kinda pink, and Daddy Fur is kinda orange sometimes he's yellow too!"

My next questions, "Isn't it so beautiful to have so many colors in our house?"

His next response melted my heart "Yes mommy but we need more colors, because we dont have enough for a rainbow!"

I love him!! I think its time to bring out the Skin color books. I thought with him being around so much color and so much diversity, Gay, Straight Black White brown yellow, Boy in a dress girl in a suit, that it was just unspoken but we may have to have a talk... :)

Heres our family diversity just in case you're wondering Good Luck not being confused
( just writing out Family he sees most FYI)
My AFamily-
Mom- Full blooded Caucasian German with heavy German accent, Light eyes, Dark hair
Dad- ¾ African America ¼ Caucasian, Milk Chocolate man with freckles
Me- ½ Caucasian African American and Japanese in there somewhere.. haha! Dark brown hair with natural red/copper tones light skin dark eyes

Ds family-
Monkeys Dad- Full blooded Italian, Dark Hair, Dark Eyes, Olive skin (COVERED in tattoos)
Monkeys Auntie Moochie- Dark hair, Translucent beautifully pale skin, Dark eyes
Moochie’s Hubby- Flaming red hair, light eyes, we call him Mr. Paste, he’s very pale!
Miss Kitty Moochies daughter- Dark Hair light eyes, vanilla skin

My Monkey is very fair skinned, with Olive undertones and tans very nicely (people ask if he’s Hispanic)

Fur Family (Monkeys Step Dad)
Fur- Vanilla skin, tans easily, Light brown Hair, bright blue eyes
China Doll(Monkeys half sister from me and Fur)- Porcelain skin (like a doll) dark hair and hazel eyes that change color
Cousin T- Blond hair blue eyes vanilla skin
Cousin A- Strawberry/dirty blonde with dark eyes
Auntie A- Olive Italian Skin, Dark hair
Uncle Brouder- Dark Hair Blue/green eyes vanilla skin

A(Monkeys step mom)- Pale skin, dark hair, blue eyes
Willy(Monkey’s other half sister) Creamy ivory skin with FIRE red hair and blue eyes

My Friends Monkey sees regularly

Uncle M- Dark Olive skin and “African American” textured curls
PC- Milk Chocolate Skin, with reddish undertones, part Native American
Uncle R- Dark Chocolate Skin dark hair dark eyes
Antie Gnome- pale skin freckles and dark readdish brown hair

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