Sunday, March 13, 2011

Adoption Free Weekend!

Woot Woot! I managed to have an adoption free weekend...

Went to work at my moms shop on Saturday and let me tell you prom season is in full force. My arms were begging for rest by 5:00! Went to a birthday celebration, Miss Natalie decided that she was allergic to something she ate and broke out into hives!!

Today was amazing. Lately Damien's Aunt and I have decided that just because his father and I are no longer together doesn't mean that we aren't still family.. and Damien's dad although financially hasn't stepped up yet, he has been there for him more.

So Sundays are "Daddy Days" We all get together and just hang let the kids play and Damien spend time with that side of his family.
So we went to see Rango! Sweet movie, and although its rated PG, I think they reached the max amounts for "damns and hells" that PG can allow...just warning to all those parents who haven't taken their kids yet... screen it 1st and see if you're comfortable with that amount of swearing... Now that my babies are all washed up and about to hit the sack, I'm going to work on some stuff for work...

BTW... I have a special project that I've been working on... It may or may not happen... but if it does... you'll find out...

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  1. ah movies with kids....don't think that will happen for a bit! Hope you enjoyed. I think I've gone out to one movie in over a year...and that was planned with babysitting! LOL