Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bad Blogger! Bad bad blogger!

So, with my lack of blogging you probably assumed that I had given up... no I'm still here! I've been pretty absent on my forums too... ugh... I've been a teeny bit stressed out.

What have I been up to? THIS why? beause its mindless... and knowing that Catholic Charities got my paperwork to search for my 1st mother is making me CRAZY!

I sent all my paperwork thru fed ex... so I could obsessivly check the tracking... so that I could make sure it was received.

I sent it on Valentine's Day.... and well, that was almost a month ago... it was received on the 17th... and I haven't received any word since. I have that feeling of empending doom, that my 1st mother may call me out of the blue one day, or that they found her and she's not interested... or maybe she's writing me a letter and just cant seem to get the words right. I'm not sure but I do know I'm cracking under pressure. So I'm back. And I'm sorry if I start venting, but I need to get all of this out, because its affecting my life, I'm unfocused snippy and a bit explosive... I need to seek counsil.

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  1. I'm very sorry you are having to deal with the long wait. I'm hoping your 1st mom is overjoyed to reunite with you though she will certainly be as nervous and unsure as you are.
    What I most want to caution you about is dealing with CC...or any adoption agency for that matter...when it comes to mothers and children trying to reunite they will and very often do drag their feet and stall you purposely. Stay on them. Keep pushing them. Be nice will get further with sugar and all that;)
    Good luck!