Monday, January 24, 2011

Adoption Free Weekend! Or so I thought....

So Saturday was wonderful! Damien's birthday was perfect lots of friends, lots of family, lots of love! I wish I would have gotten a picture of him when he's biggest birthday surprise walked thru the door. His Uncle Moose! I had to get his attention and say "Damien, look who's here!" I peeked his head around the corner "MOOSE!!!" Ran and jumped into his arms! He loves his God Father so much! His girl friend Patricia was there too, She signed the card Uncle and Auntie Moose, OMG I died when I read that! How sweet! She became a part of our family quick! We love her so much and I can't wait until they finally set the wedding date! Although I'm not sure how Damien will feel about his girl friend marrying someone else >.<

Then we attened Damien's cousin's party. We'll call her Cat. Cat turned 9, I can't believe how big she has gotten! She's making so many strides with her austim. As I'm sitting and hanging out with Damien's dad and step mom someone mentions that Damien's grandmother is NOT the bio child of the Great Grandmother, she was adopted by her step mother! Now, being that Damien's father and I were together for 7 years and I still keep in touch with his mother it was a major shock! I guess step parent adoption isn't seen like a closed adoption, even though she doesn't know who her mother is...

It's funny to think that adoption is a major factor in my life. I try to not deal with adoption talk and there is was in mid convo! lol!

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