Monday, January 3, 2011

So far... 2011 is rocking my socks!

I don't know how your holidays went but mine were swell!

We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve with my bestie and her son! Then we went to my parents house. Christmas morning we slept in (thanks kids!) Opened gifts with my Mother-in-law and headed to my brother-in-laws house. Spent time there and went to my father-in-laws house lol! Yes we were VERY busy.

But it wasn't the gifts, but just the joy on every ones faces over that weekend that I loved. I enjoyed spending time with the people I love the most. Chris and I had a couple of quiet moments that made me feel like I was in a romantic comedy! Even with no one around I kind of felt a little embarrassed and overwhelmed, but mostly full of love!

Going into 2011 was a little somber because I lost one of my uncles to cancer. He had a long battle with 2 remissions, but the cancer sadly won the war.

There was something magical that happened at this funeral but thats for a different post.

After a long day with the family I needed to kick into 2011 with a BANG! I won tickets to a local club off the radio! I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING! So the Hubby and I put on our finest and out we went! and BOY were we bored! So we left the club and went to his best friends house were we goofed off until 2 am!

Best moment this weekend;

After a long day of cleaning house, we had dinner at the table, the TV was off and Chris played the Cd's with the wedding reception music on it, we all sat at the table enjoying each others company. After dinner Chris washed the dishes Damien and I cleared the table and Natalie just danced in the living room :) After we got Miss Priss off to bed Damien painted his new piggy bank! He was so proud! I wish he would let me display it in the living room! off to bed he goes after painting his master piece and as I went into the living room to straighten up Chris walks up to me and we just slowed danced right there.  I felt like I was on a cloud!

How is 2011 feeling different for you so far?

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