Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Families are changing....Or are they?

This morning I of course was listening to my all time favorite morning show and they were discussing Elton John and husband David Furish's adoption through surrogacy. I believe Wendy or Jen made a comment about how its amazing how families are changing. Which honestly, kind of annoyed me. Yes, the means of becoming a family has been changing and an ever growing and learning process for many, but families have not.

Now if she was speaking in the scense that this is a same-sex parented family, sorry folks but that's not new either. I grew up with a friend that had two moms. I also lived in the same neighborhood as a male couple who were raising their nephew , I loved them, Daryl and Maurice! They had the best yard in the entire subdivision, lavender casscading around the frount door , jasmine on the side by the drive; look at me losing myself lol! But my point is that families aren't changing much at all.

There is no "Model Family" like when you move into a new upcoming neighborhood; model home.
A true family is one built on the foundation of love.
They have their ups and downs; failures and wins but it will always rest back on their foundation.

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