Friday, November 5, 2010


So as of Monday, I might be able to have contact through Catholic Charities with my 1st Mom!!

Okay, let me start from the events of this week.

On Wednesday, I called CC of Arlington. Got the voicemail. Left a message that I wanted some info on my adoption file.

Thurday right before my break my cell BLEW UP, finally the mystery person left a message, I happen to glance at my phone and saw it was the CC number calling me back! I freaked! What if I get the voicemail again, so I check the VM at lunch and it was a wonderfuly nice lady, we'll call her T, Well, I call her back and she answers,

I let me know that I would like to request updated medical history and also if there was a way to correspond thru CC, she said it was completely possible, she will pull my file, and that I should call her Monday to check on her progress....

So, as you see, I may know if my 1st Mom is willing to be contacted.

I'm trying to remember that there is a chance she may not want contact, but I am drafting a letter, I received very wise advice, to not overwhelm with the 1st letter about who I am now, but to mostly just point out, how I feel, that i'm open to contact, and that I will be patient. Also, to add that I will respect her wishes if she is not ready for contact, but to ask that if thats the case for her to respectfully respond that she is not.

I'm nervous and excited scared and happy,

My Amom was so thrilled when I told her the news! I'm so blessed! I have a wonderful support system with my mom, Fur, and my family.

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